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“My Smart Remote” (MSR) has won many innovation awards (given below) for its innovative vehicle security system. In “My Smart Remote”, a mobile app interacts with a hardware kit installed inside car. This provides enhanced car security and gives users the ability to control and monitor various car functions (including engine start/off, AC, heater, doors lock/unlock, trunk, panic, headlights and many more).

MSR improves the security of your car and turns your car into a smart car. Over 4 Million cars are stolen every year with over 1.5 Million in Europe. Thieves bypass security of existing vehicle security solutions with modern car stealing techniques such as key cloning, signal jammers, opportunistic thefts and OBD port thefts. The security of My Smart Remote is not compromised by these modern car stealing techniques. Even password hacking does not help thieves to drive away the car.

Existing auto security solutions are using technologies of 80s/90s. If you open a car insurance company’s website, the list of vehicle security solutions that it the application form provides would be trackers, alarms or immobilizers. These solutions are outdated (products of 80s/90s) and thieves have learnt by passing them. This is the reason that every 2 seconds a car is reported stolen (over 4 Million every year). The number of unreported car thefts is in addition to this. Many news reports of BBC, Channel 4 news and other news agencies have reported that key cloning devices are easily available online. They can be purchased legally online for under $100. With these devices keys can be cloned in less than 10 seconds. Jammers are used to overcome solutions like trackers and other SIM based solutions. Some news reports suggest that if we do not come up with new and improved security solutions then it would be far easy for thieves to bypass existing electronic security systems of cars as it involves only the use of some handheld devices.To know the severity of the Problem and that some owners of expensive cars were rejected insurance over the issue of car thefts, we suggest reading the BBC articles,Keyless cars ‘increasingly targeted by thieves using computers” and “Hi-tech cars are security risk, warn researchers”.Even auto manufacturers have acknowledged the loop holes in their security systems. Many such reports and studies can be accessed by simply searching the keywords, “Keyless car thefts”.Legal Issues: Vehicle crime is considered the mother of all crimes. The reason is that thieves use stolen vehicles for other crimes such as smuggling, human trafficking and other crimes. Stealing a vehicle and then using it for crimes involves innocent victim into legal issues. Techniques used by thieves to overcome existing auto security solutions include:

  • Key cloning using key cloning devices.
  • Use of jammers to jam signals of trackers; stop sending alerts; and stop receiving control instructions from the remote service providers.
  • Cutting power supply of the installed electronic security systems like alarms or trackers, and/or
  • Damaging the security system installed inside car.

The security of My Smart Remote is not compromised by using these modern car stealing techniques. The innovative security system of My Smart Remote provides resilience even if your password is hacked. An authentic user can control various car functions like engine start, engine off, AC, heater, doors lock,/unlock, trunk, panic, headlights and many more.There are some mobile app based security solutions in the market but their security design is based on old concepts which can be easily compromised by thieves using modern stealing techniques such as key cloning, signal jamming and opportunity thefts. But the security My Smart Remote provides award winning innovative security solution that is not compromised by modern car stealing techniques.

Your existing car physical keys and remote control devices will also work along with our system.

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