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How it works?

How it works?

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Benefits of My Smart Remote

  • With MSR when you start your car engine and heater/AC and if any thief wants to take away such a car by unlocking its doors (such as by breaking the window or through any other means, then the car will automatically switch off for such a user when he attempts to take away the car. The car will not switch off for the car owner or any authorized person (with password and permission).
  • Vehicle Crime is the mother of all crimes, thieves use stolen vehicles for many other crimes such as human trafficking, smuggling, money laundering etc. MSR aims at reducing vehicle thefts and hence will help in reducing other crimes too.
  • Many stolen cars are stripped for particular parts or burnt. Over 4 Million cars are reported stolen. The number of unreported cars is in addition to this. The Guardian report on carbon footprint of a new car, says that producing a medium-sized new car may generate more than 17 tonnes of CO2e – almost as much as three years’ worth of gas and electricity in the typical UK home. Car theft results in producing new cars and hence vehicle theft is directly related to Global Warming.
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